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Holy Dread

I Touch Myself

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★ Fashion Junkie | Gamer | Photographer | Language Master ★

Goals/Current Developments: Cosmetology License. Form an addiction. Lose weight. Get dog. Go to Japan. Learn Korean. Learn Japanese. Go back to Art school. Meet AJ. Go to Canada. Meet Sponge.

Now, more about me? I love the punk styles from american punk to jrock. Mostly I wear jeans and t-shirts though. The reason? Lack of money to throw at clothing. HAH! Oh, and I'm not the desired weight.. yet.

Let's see, I started drawing again. Good stuff, plan on going to a fabulous art school once I have a trade to pay for the rich bitch place. Or I plan to throw myself into Language like I have always wanted, achieve a Bachelor's Degree and then move to Japan.. or South Korea. I love fashion, glam, music, psychology, language above all, and seriously.. I love my mommy.

I don't eat junk food, or candy. I don't drink soda, most of the time, and I don't smoke. Occasionally if I'm with friends or family, I may have a beer or a mixed drink, though I hate beer. If the situation calls for it. My form of junk food is a sub sandwich or sugar free pudding or Dorito's.. mmm chips. Even pasta is a junk food to me. I am very healthy, I do not eat meat, the smell alone makes me sick. But, I prefere seafood. Course, I do not care if anyone around me eats meat, I just personally don't like the flavors or smell.

Let's see, you're probably wondering about the bands I like. Well, I have been a fan of Dir en grey since 1997, the year they started. Yes, I was in middle school, I am damn good on the internet. I found them in the round about way of looking up Final Fantasy VIII. I found Gackt and Malice Mizer, and throught that I found Dir en grey, Yoshiki and X Japan. Through Dir en grey I found D'espairsRay, Due le'quartz and Miyavi. All of them have been an inspiration to me for the past decade. But I never got serious about the bass guitar until recently.
★ The Girl ★

Name: Hanna

Birthday: 1987 March 7

Height: 167cm

Birthplace: Palmer, Alaska

Foods: German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Greek, Vietnamese

Drinks: Water, Tea, Pepsi, Vitamin Water, Spirits, Italian Soda

Pets: 1 Cat; Maine Coon

Style: vk, gosurori, decora, cyberpunk, steampunk, punk, lolita, casual, jeans & t-shirts, emo, and hipster

Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual; confused
★ FIN ★
What else can I say? I plan on moving to Japan within the next couple years. But, I want to visit first! Gotta make sure I love it! So, to meet anyone from Japan to be friends with and hang out with would be great. ^-^ I love different cultures and the history of the world. Please show me the real Japan. I would be honored, thank you.

Oh and anyone else would be awesome too. XD I love meeting new people.

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